Weird Rain | Top 5 Strange Things To Rain From The Sky

I had the unfortunate chance to experience a little wet weather today. All day there was nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Since there was no avoiding the gloomy weather for me, I started to think about ways that things could possibly be worse. Being the paranormal minded individual that I am known to be, the first thing that came to mind were the thousands of birds that recently fell dead from the sky without good explanation. I suppose that getting hit in the face with hundreds of missile like bird beaks would definitely be worse. Then I started to think about other things that have been reported to rain from the sky. When I got home I decided to compile this list of Weird & Strange Things That Have Rained From The Sky. You might be surprised.

#1 Blood Rains From The Sky In Columbia

In August of 2008 residents of La Sierra Choco’ in Columbia began to notice something strange about the rain falling from the sky that day. The most obvious observation was the strange red color that the rain possessed. It didn’t take folks long to notice that the rain didn’t look like rain at all. It looked like blood.

The mysterious Rain began to fall around 10:30 am and lasted nearly half an hour. Samples of the blood rain were taken by a bacteriologist and tests later showed that the bizarre precipitation was most likely blood. A Priest in the local area made statements calling the blood rain a message from God that people needed to change their evil ways and turn to God. The small community which consists of barely two hundred people, considered the paranormal weather a miracle.

Believe it or not this was not the first report of blood precipitation. Reports of this strange type of rain have been around since ancient times and have often been associated with ominous signs from God. One of the more notable was confirmed by popular science news in the year 1890. The town of Calabria, Italy was rained down upon by what scientists eventually said was bird blood. The theory was that birds were somehow torn apart by vicious winds. The only problem was that there were no winds that day and the only “parts” of the birds that fell was pure blood.

Another interesting case in 1841 had blood, muscle and fatty tissue raining down on farm workers in Lebanon Tenessee around the year 1841. Farm hands said they heard a rattling noise and saw drops of blood fall from a red cloud which was hovering overhead.

# 2 Rainbow Snow

In 2007 about 1400 miles east of Moscow in the Siberian region of Omsk, citizens witnessed a multi colored snow consisting of orange, green and yellow colors that were completely unexplainable. The snow was also reported to have a peculiar scent. Testing of the mysterious snow showed that it was not poison, but contained high levels of iron. Residents were instructed by government officials to not eat the snow or use it for drinking. I guess this brings new meaning to “Don’t eat the yellow snow”.

#3 Jelly Rain

In 2009 National Geographic investigated another type of weird rain in Scotland. The “Jelly” substance that fell from the sky has been analyzed and no DNA has ever been found, which rules out some theories that involved regurgitated substances from birds. Other theories have the Jelly falling from outer space, while others have compared it to “Mana from heaven” that God used to feed the children of Israel in The Bible. Read More here Scotland Jelly Rain

#4 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meat

In 1876 The New York Times reported one of the most strange cases of precipitation. Chunks of meat rained down around the home of Allen Crouch, near Olympian Springs. The various sized chunks of meat were scattered over an area that measured one hundred yards long and fifty feet wide and was witnessed falling without a cloud in the sky. Believe it or not two men were brave (or dumb) enough to taste the meat and said that it tasted like deer meat or mutton. You don’t have to believe me..Here is a link to a copy of original article at NY Times Raining Meat

#5 The Birds

You knew it was coming. It was the first thing that I mentioned. Hopefully you have all heard about the birds raining down from the sky in Arkansas recently. Near the beginning of this year, thousands of birds were reported to have simultaneously dropped dead from the sky in Arkansas. To make things even stranger, around the same time, thousands of turtle doves fell dead from the sky in Italy and millions of fish washed ashore dead in Brazil and the Chesapeake Bay. Other reports on a smaller scale surfaced in various parts of the country (and world) as well. No disease or poison was found when testing of the birds was done. Conspiracy theorists have ran wild with the story and the rabbit hole goes pretty deep on this one according to some people. Scientists have blamed confusion on the birds part for the simultaneous death of thousands of animals worldwide but I’m not sure I’m buying that theory just yet.

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