Waverly Hills Sanatorium

One of the most popular haunted locations in existence for ghost hunters and story tellers alike is the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The walls of Waverly Hills have witnessed a rich and morbid history filled with sickness, tragedy and pain. This morbid history is mostly due to the fact that tuberculosis cases in Jefferson County Kentucky had skyrocketed during the early part of the century, causing Waverly Hills to be used to house a mass number of tuberculosis patients.

As the diseased patients began to outgrow the capacity of Waverly Hills, a new hospital was build around 1924. It is rumored that over sixty thousand people had lost their lives while housed at Waverly Hills during these years, although this number has been disputed.
Many people who passed away at the sanatorium eventually ended up taking the morbid ride through the body chute. This “body chute” was a simple tunnel that stretched from the hospital to the railroad at the bottom of the hill that Waverly Hills Sanatorium was constructed on. The bodies of the newly dead were slid down in an effort to hide the alarming death rate from the other patients. It was felt that if the huge number of new dead bodies were hid from the patients who were still living, the morale would be higher and hope would not dissolve. There were also many whispers and rumors of “experimental” treatments on the residents of Waverly Hills that were considered by todays standards brutal, to say the least.

It isn’t a surprise that this location having been the central point for so much pain and death would eventually become one of the most haunted places on earth.

A wide variety of paranormal activity has been reported by visitors of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Apparitions, Strange lights, cold spots and disembodied voices are commonly experienced. There have also been reports of people being struck by an unseen force and encounters with a child ghost by the name of “Timmy” have also been reported. Many have claimed to capture ghosts on film and to have recorded EVP’s at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. One of which is a recording of what some believe to be the famous “Timmy”. People have also reported seeing shadow people and an entity sometimes referred to as “The Creeper” lurking throughout the corridors.

Waverly Hills is and probably always will be one of the scariest places on earth. It is a popular attraction for investigators of the paranormal and fans alike. It is currently privately owned and no trespassing signs are clearly posted. Not that anyone in their right mind would go their alone. There are however, rumors that Waverly Hills could possibly be converted into a hotel. If so, everyone may get their chance to experience the horrors of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

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