Urban Legends | Humans Can Lick Too

The small town that Angela lived in was quiet that night. Most folks around those parts went to bed fairly early and most of the time didn’t even bother locking their doors.

Tonight was different from most nights. You see, the town was located just next to the state prison and tonight there was a warning from local officials that an escaped prisoner was on the loose. People were advised to stay indoors and keep their doors locked until officials had apprehended the running convict. That’s exactly what Angela did. She had always been nervous living in a “prison town” and had often questioned her parent’s good judgement when deciding to move there. But they always assured her that it was safe and the nearby prison made real estate slightly more affordable.

Angela’s parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary and had a big night planned. Although she objected, her parents went ahead with their date, assuring Angela that everything would be just fine. After all, they had Sampson.

Sampson was a rather large dog that had been like the 2nd child in this family for a few years now. He was terribly attached to Angela and her parents reminded her that Sampson would be there to protect her. Soon enough, Angela’s parents were pulling out of the driveway and off for a night of romance. “Gross” she said as watched her parents disappear into the night.

“How could they leave me alone with an escaped convict on the loose?” she said jokingly to Sampson, who just tilted his head in confusion. Angela headed up to her room and snuggled in her bed, Sampson following closely behind. She watched television and eventually started to drift off to sleep. Ever so often she would remember that she was alone and reach her hand down beside the bed to make sure Sampson was still there. He would lick her hand from his favorite spot under her bed and Angela was reassured that everything would be just fine.

A short while later, Angela awoke to hear a dripping sound that was terribly annoying. She got out of bed and walked to the kitchen, where she attempted to turn the faucet off. It wasn’t dripping but she knew the sound had to coming from somewhere. She left the lights on in the kitchen. Somehow she felt safer in a well lit house. She crawled back in the bed and reached her hand down for Sampson. As usual, he happily licked her hand and Angela once again started to drift off to sleep. Before she could even get comfortable, she heard it again.. Drip.. Drip.. Drip.

Angela protested as she got up again and went to look for the source of the annoying drip. She checked her parent’s bathroom and sure enough there was the culprit. “Aha” she said as she turned the faucet to the left. Soon she was crawling back in bed. But she still had to make sure that Sampson was there to protect her, so she dropped her hand down beside the bed and to her relief, it was licked.

Just as Angela was about to finally get some sleep, she heard it again.. Drip..Drip..Drip. This time she was angry. “How is anyone supposed to sleep around here if people can’t manage to turn off the faucets?” she thought.  She tossed the blankets back and jumped out of the bed. She marched straight for the guest bathroom. As she neared the bathroom the dripping sound became louder. She threw back the shower curtain and instantly turned pale, unable to move. Her knees began to buckle.

There was Sampson. Hanging dead in the shower. He had been eviscerated and his blood was leaking from his mutilated body. She heard the sound as his blood hit the shower floor. Drip..Drip..Drip. She screamed as she read the words that had been painted on the shower wall in Sampsons Blood. It simply said..”Humans can lick too“.

Before she had even finished screaming, she saw the reflection behind her in the bathroom mirror. It was the last thing she ever saw.

This Scary Urban Legend has been told time and time again. Sometimes the victim is an elderly woman, while other times it is a teenage girl, like our friend “Angela”. No matter who is at the center of the creepy story, the lesson is always the same. Check under your bed before you go to sleep!

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