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It’s not just a cocktail, it’s also a universal ghost legend. We’re going to explore the myth of Bloody Mary.

I’m sure many who are reading this have heard about this legend at sleepovers or around the campfire, but for those who don’t know, I think it’s time you found out: Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror, with either one or two candles, and chanting to yourself, “Bloody Mary, I killed your baby!” Suddenly, something comes out of the mirror and scratches your face or something much worse.

There’s many different versions to this: Some say you can just simply say, “I believe in Mary Worth”, or “Kathy, come out!” Some say you repeatedly say, “Bloody Mary” and each time you say it, you say it louder and louder.

For those who are confused, Bloody Mary is a mirror-witch. She is summoned, but only comes to the ritual doers mirror. But, she’s said to be a vicious, maniacal spirit which legend states will either violently scratch your face, drive the person insane, scratch your eyes out, pull you into the mirror to live with her, or death itself.

The ritual was most popular in the 1970’s during girls sleepovers, but men are known to try the rituals themselves. One story indicates that a girl tried the ritual and said at the end, “I don’t believe in Mary Worth” and she fell and broke her hip right after. Pure coincidence? Maybe give it a go yourself?…I think not.

The most important part besides the candles and the chanting, is the mirror. Most use a bathroom mirror, because generally they are large enough to make the ritual work. Other dark rooms with large enough mirrors also work.

Why a mirror though? It could be because some families, after someone departs from this life they usually cover all the mirrors. This is because some believe that mirrors are portals between this world and the afterlife. The belief was that if the spirit caught a glimpse of itself in the mirror it would be trapped in the house forever-a condemned spirit. This also has ties in with the Devil’s Toy Box-a six sided mirror that some religions such as Wicca believe attract dark spirits, but are also used to get rid of them, because the spirit can’t stand the sight of itself. Apparently, in Bloody Mary’s world she don’t have any mirrors as she is said to be dark and evil.

The identity of just who the legend is named after is a mystery; it could of been Queen Mary I of England who was known to have vicious side of her as she was also referred to as Blood Mary; reason being is that she was said to kill young woman to bathe in their blood to preserve her youthful appearance. Some say she is a witch who was killed hundreds of years ago for practicing dark magic (some say she was burned to the stake, others say she was hanged) and comes back for revenge; or a woman named Mary Worth of more of a present time who was in a car accident and was disfigured. Who knows? That’s what makes legends so intriguing…the darkness covers the truth like a mask which maybe it’s more safe not to foretell it’s real identity.

Do not fear Bloody Mary? I wouldn’t say so; she’s also been known to snatch people in the darkness near any given mirror without a ritual. Other then that…

Have a happy and safe Halloween and remember, stay away from mirrors! Until next time, Happy Hauntings!

written by Scaredsheetless.blogspot.com


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