The Yeti

The Yeti, otherwise known as The Abominable Snowman, is what many believe to be the Himalayan  version of America and Canada’s Bigfoot. The descriptions and habits of both are described as the same, only The Yeti is found in the region of Tibet and Nepal and survives in a totally different climate as his North American Counterpart.

The legend of Yeti is very old in the Himalaya and there are many firm believers of his existence. Many sightings have been reported and footprints of Yeti found. Just as with Bigfoot, The Yeti is heavily debated and rarely accepted among the scientific community. Believers in the Yeti will point out that the sightings of both the yeti and Bigfoot only help to confirm that there is an unknown species at large, and that it is worldwide.

The term abominable snowman was first coined by  Lieutenant Colonel Charles Howard Bury in 1921.  Bury had led the Royal Geographical Society’s Everest Reconnaissance Expedition. It was reported that he found footprints on the mountain at around 21,000 feet. His Sherpa guides told him that they were  from “The wild man of the snows”.

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