The Real Castle Dracula

Dracula Castle in Romania is believed by many to be the real Castle Dracula, but although it is one of the oldest  medieval buildings standing in Romainia..It is not linked with Vlad Tepes, (Vlad III the Impaler) who most consider the origin and inspiration for all Dracula tales. Vlad the Impaler was rumored to have stayed there for a few nights but no other connection has been made. Even still, the grand castle remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania.

Poenari Castle

Poenari Castle was the home to Vlad Tepes and is the closest thing to the real Castle Dracula as it gets. Vlad was a ruthless leader and warlord during the 1400’s and was said to be the son of the devil himself. His cruelness earned him the name Vlad the Impaler.

The castle is situated near the city of Curtea de Arges. It stands on a cliff, making it an excellent and nearly impenetrable fortress which is why Vlad had chosen it for his main fortress and castle. Poenari Castle is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It was originally built in the 13th century as a fortress, but by the 15th century was only ruins. Realizing it’s potential, Vlad had the ruins rebuilt.

Many people have visited the castle, climbing an amazing 1480 steps to reach it. Because of it’s association with Vlad Tepes, the castle has been a popular spot for paranormal investigators and vampire lovers alike. It has even been rumored that some who visit the haunted castle during the night do not return home.

During the 1930’s it was reported that a man descended from an enemy of Vlad went to the castle alone and never returned. His body was found the next day. Some people believe it was the ghost of Dracula still seeking his revenge.

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