The Mystery Of Numbers Radio

Numbers radio stations are strange high frequency radio stations of unknown origin that broadcast what sounds like artificial or sometimes inhuman voices. These voices simply repeat various numbers or letters and can be heard in various languages. Eerie musical clips can also be heard in the broadcasts.

The exact purpose of numbers radio stations remains a mystery, as most governments will not acknowledge them. Although, in the UK it has been stated that people should not be listening to them because they are illegal. This only managed to spark further interest in these ghostly stations.

Numbers radio stations have been broadcasting practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nearly a century that we know of. It is said the these broadcasts are in a code that is virtually unbreakable, even by the most talented people or the most powerful computers. Samples of them can be found on the web and there are many theories of what they could be. It has been reported that the activity of
these stations has increased since the early 90’s.

The most popular theory is that of espionage and spies. Some people believe that these stations are used to communicate with spies from different countries. Others think that the purpose for these stations is much more elaborate and that a government conspiracy is at hand. Which leads to the question, “What can be so big that it has been secretly talked about through unbreakable codes for nearly a century?” It’s no wonder that imaginations go wild and new theories about number radio transmissions are born every day.

Below is a small clip that someone has put together of recorded number radio transmissions. We make no statement about what these could be. Listen, do the research and judge for yourself.

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