The Montauk Monster | Is The Montauk Monster Real?

This is what washed ashore near Montauk, New York in July of 2008. The monster was found by a 26 year old woman and three friends on July 12 at the Ditch Plains beach, a popular surfing spot.

What is this strange and somewhat hideous creature? The debate is still open. Many claim that the Montauk Monster is a government experiment gone terribly awry. Normally, this would sound like something right out of a science fiction movie, but there is more to this increasingly disturbing story.

The presence of a local facility known as Plum Island Animal Disease Center, has added even more mystery to the Montauk Monster story. The government facility is known to participate in animal experimentation and is well secluded from the general population of the local area.

The facility was once home to secret biological weapons experiment that targeted livestock during the cold war. It’s secrecy and it’s fences remain even today and the facility has been at the center of much controversy. Many locals have described the center as “creepy” or “ominous”. Plum Island Animal Disease Center is it’s own little world, even having it’s own fire department and power plant. The “Area 51” like mystery surrounding the facility has made it the number one culprit for the appearance of The Montauk Monster.

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