The Legendary Bigfoot

The legendary Bigfoot has captivated the minds of both young and old for many years. Does he exist? Although there has never been any definite proof of the existence of Bigfoot or his counterparts, there are lots of stories, eyewitness accounts and “inconclusive” evidence gathered over the years.

Bigfoot otherwise known as Sasquatch or Yeti in other areas of the world is generally thought of as an ape-like creature that inhabits remote areas, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada. Bigfoot is usually described as a tall, hairy, ape like creature that walks on two legs. Ones who strongly believe in Bigfoot, argue that this animal has close relatives that can be found around the world and are known by different names in different cultures.

Patterson Bigfoot Encounter

The photograph seen here is a still frame taken from footage shot by Roger Patterson in 1967. The footage is undoubtably the most famous bigfoot footage ever. On October20, 1967, Roger Patterson,along with a friend named Bob Gimlin were in the northern Californian woods of Bluff Creek. Patterson and Gimlin were on horseback and were hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature that had been reported in the area. That afternoon, they both got what they had hoped for. Upon seeing the creature,  Patterson’s horse spooked and threw him to the ground. He then claimed to have picked himself up off of the ground and ran toward the beast. It did not run, but as you can see in the footage, just stared and walked away.  It walked into the forest, where it then disappeared.  After the footage became public, scientists thorougly examined it. The debate seemed split down the middle, with some claiming that Patterson had indeed captured an unknown species on film, while others simply believed that it was a man in a monkey suit. Had these two men captured footage of the mysterious bigfoot? You can watch the footage here Bigfoot Video

Over the years, reports surfaced that the men had hoaxed the entire thing. There are many people who still strongly believe that the film is authentic. Roger Patterson died in 1972 of cancer, leaving many people across the planet to wonder if they will ever know the truth.

Recently, the Bigfoot hunters of the world became excited once again, when the media announced that two men had claimed to have found a corpse of a Bigfoot creature and had pictures (and the corpse) to prove it. Although the pictures were convincing, the DNA evidence was not.

So it is back to square one for Bigfoot lovers. Will there ever be proof of this creature? Only time will tell.

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