The Haunting of the Historic Anchorage Hotel

Hotels keep many types of logs to track productivity, finances and other important things. Not many hotels keep a ghost log to track paranormal activity on it’s premises. That’s exactly what the allegedly Haunted Historic Anchorage Hotel in Alaska has been doing for many years.

The Historic Anchorage Hotel has been around since the early stages of Anchorage and has been frequented by any celebrities or dignitaries that happened to be passing through Anchorage. The ghost stories associated with the hotel have nothing to do with the celebrities. Most haunted tales point back to one bloody incident in 1921. The first police chief in Anchorage, John Blackjack Sturgis, was shot in the back with a bullet from his own gun and he died just steps away from the historic hotel. Many employees and local residents believe that his spirit has never left the area and continues to search for his murderer. The ghost of Sturgis is said to be working on a cold case that will never be solved.

Besides the ghost of Blackjack Sturgis, reports of paranormal activity such as pictures flying from walls as if tossed by unseen hands, curtains moving and even apparitions of ghosts on the second floor have emerged.

Another and perhaps the most spooky haunting at The Historic Anchorage Hotel is said to be of a woman scorned. Many years ago, a woman who was to be married at the hotel was humiliated when her husband to be never showed up for the wedding. Apparently he had managed to gain a fortune in the gold rush and changed his mind about getting married. When her would be husband never showed up, the woman was so overcome with grief and embarrassment that she hung herself in the hotel. Her ghost is said to wander the hotel in her wedding dress, still waiting for her groom to arrive.

Other unrelated accounts of ghosts and paranormal happenings have been reported at the hotel causing people to wonder what exactly makes the Historic Anchorage Hotel such a magnet for the undead. If you are feeling brave you can always use the link below and book a room for a night of what could be the spookiest experiences you may ever have in the state of Alaska. If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to encounter the ghost of the lonely bride or phantom Police Chief John Sturgis, be sure to ask the front desk for the Ghost log, so that you can add your frightening experience to the hundreds of others that the Historic Anchorage Hotel has collected over the years.

Haunted Historic Anchorage Hotel

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