The Brown Lady Ghost Picture

It is said that Lady Townshend, wife of  Charles Townshend, was a free spirit of sorts and soon caused her husband to suspect her of being unfaithful. It was then that he imprisoned her at Raynham Hall (the family home) refusing to let her leave. She was
even refused the right to see her own children. Lady Townshend was forced to stay within the walls of Raynham Hall for many lonely and painful years until her death. Official cause of death was smallpox. (Some say that she was pushed down the very stairs seen in the picture, by her husband) The ghost picture seen here is said to be the apparition of Lady Townshend herself. Otherwise known as the Brown Lady, this ghost was widely reported to haunt Raynham Hall and the ghost pic itself is famous worldwide.

Regarded by many to be the best ghost photograph ever taken, many have pointed to the fact that there simply weren’t any special effects and technology in existence that could have made such an image. This makes the Brown Lady Ghost Picture one of the most simple, yet convincing images to date. Read more here

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