The Black Beast Of Exmoor

Among the rolling hills of England, lurks a beast that has been stalking and devouring livestock for many years now. Most eyewitnesses describe the creature as cat like, with a long muscular body, small ears and an extraordinarily long tail.¬†Although there haven’t been any predatory cats in Britian since the sixth century, many believe that there is at least one that still roams the countryside. It is known as “The Black Beast Of Exmoor”

Regardless of what the creature may be, there aren’t many people in Exmoor that deny it’s existence. The beast has left a bloody trail in it’s wake, as it has attacked and mutilated sheep and other animals in the Exmoor area for a very long time. Even the police in Exmoor concede that there is something out there. What that something is has been the subject of debate.

In the early 1980’s the area experienced a rash of attacks that left over two hundred sheep dead. Their necks had been slashed and they had been brutally taken down by something both powerful and fast. Locals were in such a state of worry and fear that the Royal marines were brought in to hunt down and kill whatever was responsible for the attacks. However, while the Marines were there, the attacks subsided.

Sightings of the beast have continued over the years, as well as attacks on animals. But what about about people? In August of 2000, an 11 year old boy was allegedly attacked by a large black cat, leaving him with scars on his face and making local news headlines. Many people claim that this was the first attack on a human by the creature. However, big cat experts claim that the boy’s injuries are more like that of a large domestic cat.

Many people have claimed to photograph the beast, but there haven’t been many very clear pictures. We have included a gallery of images below that are alleged to show the Beast of Exmoor. Although many believe the creature to be a large species of predatory cat, the true nature of this animal is still unknown. Reports of big cat sightings in both England and Scotland seem to be on the rise in recent years, regardless of the supposed absence of such animals in those areas, so maybe one day soon..We will solve the mystery of the Black Beast of Exmoor.

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