The Beast Of Dartmoor – Only A Legend?

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in south Devon, England that has become rather popular for strange creatures that are said to inhabit the 954 square mile area. Dartomoor is protected by National Park status and legend has it, that Satan himself sent beasts into Dartmoor.

Sometimes called “The Devils Hunting Pack” these beasts have been witnessed and talked about for centuries. The legend states that when Squire Dartmoor ( believed to be an evil and wicked man) died during the 1600’s, the Devil sent his own hunting pack into Dartmoor to “drag the soul of Squire Dartmoor, screaming into Hell.”

Whether you believe the legend or not, there is definitely something strange happening in Dartmoor. Although the legend refers to hellish black dogs, many believe that there is an undocumented species of cat living in Dartmoor, responsible for the tales and sightings. They are often described as appearing and vanishing in paranormal like fashion. The large cat theory was made more believable when footage surfaced from the Dartmoor National Park that seemed to show a black lion, sprinting through a field. Of course, black lions are extremely rare, and usually thought of as almost mythical beasts themselves. Also, lions are not indigenous to Dartmoor. Not even close.

What could the creature seen on the footage be?  Theories have the beast as a wild boar, a horse and of course a black dog. However, tests conducted by investigators have ruled out most of these theories when using eyewitness testimony and the only real footage thought to exist of the beast. So what have people been witnessing for so many years in Dartmoor? Are there Hell Hounds roaming Dartmoor? Could there be a species unknown to science wandering the 954 acres of Dartmoor? Take a look at the footage below and judge for yourself.

The original footage can be found here Dartmoor Beast Footage

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