Ten Famous Ghost Pictures

In this post we will take a look at ten of the most famous or interesting ghost pictures ever taken. These are the pictures that captured the imaginations of countless people and caused many to take a closer look at ghosts and other paranormal phenomena throughout history. Although some have been proven to be hoaxes, they all will remain some of the most famous and creepy ghost pictures ever taken. (Click any image for larger view.)

#10 Freddy Jackson Ghost

Freddy Jackson was a good friend and well liked among his comrades at R.A.F. Sadly, Jackson was killed in an accident involving a propeller. A few days later his fellow airmen posed for a group picture. They had no idea that Freddie had no intentions of being left out..Dead or not. Was Jackson reaching out to his friends from beyond the grave? Was this his way of letting them know that he was still with them?

#9 The Girl In The Fire 1995

This photo was taken while Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England burned to the ground. But..Who is that girl? A little girl can be seen eerily peering from the burning building. strangely enough, this wasn’t the first time that a fire had devastated the area. There was another fire during 1677 at the very same site. This was a fire that consumed many of the homes that existed in the area. A young girl by the name of Jane Churm was believed to have been responsible for starting the fire that destroyed the homes. Could this be her spirit or ghost? Is young Jane still attached to the site of the devastating fire that she is believed to have caused?

#8 Backseat Driver

Ever get that strange feeling, while driving late at night, that if you glance into your rear view mirror, you might see something that you really didn’t want to? This rather famous ghost picture should add to those fears. It was taken in 1959 by Mabel Chimnery, the wife of the man seen in the front seat. The photo was snapped as they were leaving the grave site of Chimnery’s mother who had recently passed away. Who is in the backseat, you may ask? The figure was easily identified as the woman’s mother. The same one who’s grave site that they had been visiting that very day.


#7 Graveyard Ghost Girl

This ghost picture was taken at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in 1991 by members of The Ghost Research Society using an infrared camera. A semi transparent but clearly visible girl can be seen sitting in the cemetery. Bachelor’s Grove is often noted as one of the most haunted cemeteries on earth. The GRS team were the only ones present and the girl was not visible at the time the photo was taken.


#6 S.S. Watertown Ghosts

This eerie picture was taken from on board the S.S. Watertown. Two of the men on the ship were accidentally killed in a tragic accident and buried at sea. Afterwards, the crew began to report seeing the faces of the dead crewmen in the water, following the ship. The captain witnessed this as well and all were disturbed by the experience. After docking and telling their story, the captain feared that nobody would believe him and was encouraged to take a camera the next time the ship left for sea. This picture, which many say are the ghosts of the two dead crewmen is the result.


#5 The Pink Lady

This ghost picture was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at an alleged haunted mansion known as Ohare Mansion. After hearing rumors of paranormal activity at the mansion, two long time friends decided to explore the mansion in hopes of documenting some evidence of ghosts. The picture above seems to show a clear image of a ghostly woman (pink in color) in one of the windows of the haunted mansion. This image was also captured on the video footage shot that night and appears on the negatives as well. Guy Winters is the friend named for capturing this spooky evidence and stands by his story that the picture is indeed a real ghost picture. The photo of “The Pink Lady” has been featured on television news shows and has been subjected to heavy photo analysis. All of which have concluded that the picture seems genuine. What do you think?


#4 Toys R Us Ghost

One of the most famous ghost pictures ever snapped, this image was taken during a seance that was being held inside of a Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale, California. The store is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young man who worked on the Murphy family farm during the 1800′s. The farm sat in the exact spot where the toy store was built. The legend is that the young farmhand was in love with the daughter of the farm owner but had his heart broken when she skipped town with a wealthy lawyer.

The young man allegedly named “Johnson” was later killed in an accident involving an axe, in which he bled to death. Old news paper clippings confirm much of the story, although it was psychic Sylvia Brown, who conducted this seance in 1978 that revealed much of this legend. The leaning man in the background was allegedly not there at the time of the photograph. Also, no other cameras that were taking pictures at the same time managed to capture the leaning figure.


#3 Return of Grandpa

This image has only gained attention in recent years, but gave me chills the first time I read it’s story. It was taken shortly before the woman seen in the photograph passed away. After her death, the family though that the photo was nice and passed out copies to loved ones. It was years before anyone noticed the man standing behind their grandma. The gathering where the photo had been taken was a small, family only gathering. Nobody seemed to recognize the man or remember him being there. Upon closer examination, the family quickly realized that they had seen the man before. It was their grandpa. A man that had been dead for many years before this picture was taken. Had he returned to escort his love to the other side?


#2 Tulip Staircase Ghost

The Tulip Staircase Ghost is an image that has captured the imaginations of many for countless years. It was taken in 1966 by Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman. It was taken at Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. This place had already been known for mysterious footsteps and other paranormal happenings before the Reverend took the photo. Kodak, who was given the opportunity to examine the original negative concluded that it had not been tampered with. Most people see one figure but if you look closely you will see two. Shadowy figures had been reported around these stairs before. Did Mr. Hardy capture them on film?

#1 The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

It is said that Lady Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, was a free spirit of sorts and soon caused her husband to suspect her of being unfaithful. It was then that he imprisoned her at Raynham Hall (the family home) refusing to let her leave. She was
even refused the right to see her own children. Lady Townshend was forced to stay within the walls of Raynham Hall for many lonely and painful years until her death. Official cause of death was smallpox. (Some say that she was pushed down the very stairs seen in the picture, by her husband) The ghost picture seen here is said to be the apparition of Lady Townshend herself. Otherwise known as the Brown Lady, this ghost was widely reported to haunt Raynham Hall and the ghost pic itself is famous worldwide.

That concludes the list. There are many more ghostly images to share and we look forward to bringing you much more in the future. You can also send us any pictures that you think may show a ghost. You just may make the next list!

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