Ghost Pictures: Tantallon Ghost Picture Baffles Experts

Tantallon Castle is an ancient fortress that has seen its fair share of history, and recently the castle is making history again by puzzling paranormal experts throughout the world. Located on the Scottish east coast, Tantallon Castle can trace its history back to the 14th century and suffered massive damage from attacks by Oliver Cromwell in 1651.Perhaps the most interesting thing about Tantallon Castle is its recent history.

A man named Christopher Aitchison was taking a tour of the castle in May 2008 when he snapped a photo that has raised many eyebrows in the paranormal world, and caused many to speculate about the Ghost of Tantallon Castle. In the picture, there appears to be a person – most believe it’s a woman, sitting at a castle window staring eerily off into the distance. A convincing factor is that the figure is pictured as wearing a ruff. The photograph has stumped many people who cannot explain what they see, including experts on the matter.

Ghost skeptic, Richard Wiseman, has tried to explain the photo, but was left saying, “It is certainly very curious. We ran it by three photographic experts who said it had not been photo shopped at all.” Officials at Tantallon Castle verify that they do not use costumed tour guides or mannequins at the castle. The photo snapper, Aitchison, has also said that he did not see the figure of the ghost when he took the photograph. He explained that he was merely taking a picture of the outside of the castle. It was only when he developed the film that he noticed the eerie and ominous figure in the window.

Recently, another picture has surfaced that also shows the same ghost at Tantallon Castle, the only difference is that picture was taken over thirty years ago! Over the years, there have been many claims that Tantallon Castle is haunted by ghosts, which seres to keep the intrigue alive. Of course, we may never know exactly who that figure is sitting in the window, and what it’s looking at or waiting for. Some have claimed that it is actually King James V of Scotland, while other people argue that it is Lady Agnes, or Black Agnes from the 14th century. Even though we may never know exactly who it is (or was), people from all over the world continue to travel to Tantallon Castle hoping to catch a glimpse of the increasingly popular Ghost of Tantallon.

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