ufo sightings

Famous UFO Sightings : Washington DC UFO Incident

One of the most famous UFO Sightings in history is the Washington DC UFO Incident. This incident is famous not just because of where it took place, but because of the fantastic details surrounding the event. Continue reading

Famous UFO Sightings: Kenneth Arnold UFO Incident

The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting is one of the most monumental UFO Sightings in history. The sighting was the first report of “flying saucers” as we know them today. What happened that day would forever put Kenneth Arnold in the books of UFO History. Continue reading

The Battle Of Los Angeles | UFO Cover Up?

Battle of Los Angeles is an event that is often unheard of or forgotten. However, it could be the most important event in the history of ufo experiences. Continue reading

Jerusalem UFO Footage | January 2011

This video contains three different pieces of footage from the recent January 2011 Jerusalem UFO sighting and are believed to be the original pieces of evidence that documented the Jerusalem UFO. Continue reading

Is It Real? Lake Erie UFO Footage

This mysterious footage has gained lots of attention since it's original capture on August 18th of 2006. The footage has been featured on a number of news and television shows, including "UFO Hunters". Continue reading
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