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Ghost Nun Photographed?

A photographer in Galway, Ireland has captured what many are saying is a real ghost on film. The photographer, Jonathan Curran, was taking a number of photographs near an area that had always been reported as haunted by locals. Curran was hoping to capture a panoramic view of the area, and Continue reading

Ghost Pictures : The Girl In The Fire

Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England was burned to the ground in 1995. The event gained the attention of locals who gathered to watch the old building as it burned. One such spectator named Tony O'Rahilly, decided to take photos of the building as it burned. What was seen once developed has sent chills down the spines of many who have seen the picture above Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Crash Victim Ghost

This video is news footage that shows what some have claimed is the ghost of a car crash victim, standing over his body. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Mexico City Ghost Sighting

This Ghost Video was taken in Mexico City where a security guard had been killed. You can see that he appears to still be making his rounds. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Is It Real? Creepy Poltergeist Activity Caught On Tape

This is part two in a series of videos in which a man claims to be experiencing poltergeist or Ghost activity inside his home. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Man Strangled By Poltergeist

This footage shows a paranormal investigation that allegedly takes a turn towards terror as one of the men is strangled and almost hung by unseen forces. Continue reading

Is it Real? 1950’s Ghost Sighting In Cemetery

This Ghost Video is allegedly footage from the 1950's that was found by a family member. Continue reading

ABC News Ghost Footage | Real Ghost?

THis ABC News footage features what some believe is a ghost caught on cctv security cameras Continue reading

Real Ghost Poltergeist Activity Caught On Tape

This poltergeist activity was caught on tape inside a deli that is said to have been a rum running location during prohibition Continue reading

Real Ghosts Video Compilation

Popular Ghost Video featuring a variety of Ghost Videos in one creepy compilation. Continue reading
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