Real Ghost Pictures

Real Ghost Pictures: Ohare Mansion’s Pink Lady

This ghost picture was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at an alleged haunted mansion known as Ohare Mansion. After hearing rumors of paranormal activity at the mansion, two long time friends decided to explore the mansion in hopes of documenting some evidence of ghosts. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Jim Morrison Ghost Pictures

The ghost pic was taken by a tourist at the grave of Morrison, located in Paris, France. The image seems to show what looks to be Morrison himself, in the background, in a classic pose. Is this the ghost of Jim Morrison? Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Cowboy Killer

This interesting photograph was supposed to be of the man you see in the cowboy hat. He had the pictures done in black and white to create more of an old west feel. When he had thepictures developed he was scared by what he saw. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Schoolhouse Ghost Picture

This image appears to have captured what looks to be an apparition in the window of this very old school house. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Romanian Ghost

This hotel in Romania has become the subject of interest for many locals after a picture of a ghost was published by both newspapers and television. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: The Gray Man Ghost

South Carolina is said to be home to the "gray man". An entity that is said to be spotted before major storms and warns people to leave the area. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Ghost Or Demon

This picture is believed by some to be either a ghost or a demon. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Shadow Ghost

This photo appears to have captured a "shadow ghost". What do you think? Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Godfather’s Pizza Ghost | Real Ghost?

This ghost pic was taken at a Godfather's Pizza in Utah. There had been many paranormal experiences reported by employees. The image you see was witnessed first hand by Continue reading

Ghost Lady Picture

This image shows what some think is a female apparition. Can you see it? Continue reading
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