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Ghost Videos: Is He Possessed?

This Ghost Video comes to us from Dorset Ghost Investigators, who have gained a rather large following on youtube, with their videos and investigations. This is from an investigation at Winchester Cathedral. Continue reading

Australian Mental Asylum Becomes Haunted Hot Spot

In the Tasmanian town of New Norfolk stories about apparitions, strange sudden smells and unearthly happenings at the site of the former mental asylum have been circulating the local community and more recently the internet. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Haunted House Ghost Encounter

Two paranormal investigators decide to check out Ohare Mansion in Greencastle Indiana that was rumored as being Haunted. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Man Strangled By Poltergeist

This footage shows a paranormal investigation that allegedly takes a turn towards terror as one of the men is strangled and almost hung by unseen forces. Continue reading

Ghosts or Demons?

If you hunt ghosts long enough, you’ll eventually run into this situation: a client who believes his or her home is under demonic assault Continue reading

Top Ten Ghost Hunters Moments

A video compilation of the Top Ten best Ghost Hunters Moments and Evidence. Continue reading

Ghost Caught on Tape! 100% Real Scary Footage

This footage was shot by a couple of amateur ghost hunters inside a home that had allegedly been the site of a murder in which a father had drowned his little girl. Continue reading

Ghost Chasing Girls

This ghost footage captured by a popular team of paranormal investigators seems to show an apparition that chases after two girls on the property. Continue reading

Ghost Hunters Investigates Haunted NC Battleship

Continue reading

Original Ghost Adventures Documentary

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

This is the original ghost adventures documentary that propelled Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff to fame. The original Ghost Adventures Documentary was the recipient of several… Continue reading

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