paranormal activity

The Bell Witch Haunting

The Bell Witch Haunting is one of the most famous cases of paranormal activity in history. The legend of the Bell Witch has been written about in books, inspired horror films such as "An American Haunting", and been a fascination with historians. The story is very old and is widely known in the state of Tennessee. The events that occurred on the Bell farm have been whispered about by locals and beyond for nearly two hundred years. Continue reading

Surge of Paranormal Activity Halts Construction At Thorpe Park

A ghoulish ghost has put the scare into a British amusement park, which is moving one of its rides over fears of a headless monk. Continue reading

Scary Poltergeist Activity

This Ghost Clip was filmed by a man who claims to have poltergeist activity within his home Continue reading

Paranormal Activity | Haunted House

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This is probably the best evidence to date that orbs can be perceptive intelligent spiritual energies rather than the sceptical view that they are dust. This video is… Continue reading

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