Haunted Forest of Romania | Hoia Baciu

Transylvania and the surrounding areas of Romania have always been associated with paranormal things. Rather than talk about the obvious werewolf and vampire tales associated with the area, there is another lesser known yet very real place in Romania that has frightened locals and baffled investigators for centuries. Continue reading

Hollywood Ghost Hunters – Female Apparition?

This Ghost Video was captured by Hollywood Ghost Hunters, while investigating at the reportedly haunted home located next to the scene of the infamous Manson Murders. Continue reading

Haunted Places: Ghosts of The White House

Washington D.C.- The White House is one of the most important and recognized buildings on earth. According to some, it is also one of the most haunted buildings on earth. Continue reading

Amityville House : What Really Happened

Christopher Lutz has spent many years trying to escape the ghosts of his past. He has even changed his name to avoid the attention. Part of his childhood has been made famous because of the home he lived in as a child. Lutz lived at 112 Ocean Blvd, Amityville, New York..The Amityville "Horror" House. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Valentown Museum Ghost

This video has become rather popular and was taken inside Valentown Museum located in Victor, NY. The museum is infamously haunted. The footage was captured by a surveillance camera and seems to show a ghostly apparition. Continue reading

Sloss Furnace | A Haunted History

The industrial revolution brought success to Sloss Furnace and helped put the city of Birmingham on the map. It was during the early part of the century that Sloss Furnace began to earn it's reputation as one of the most Haunted places in the country. Continue reading

Haunted Railroad Tracks – San Antonio, Texas

Just outside San Antonio, Texas lies a railroad crossing that has been the center of haunted legends and local folklore for many years. The story of this railroad track begins tragically, with a horrible accident involving a school bus and a train. Continue reading

The Mysterious Winchester House

Sure there are houses that claim to have ghosts and spirits. Although not many houses can claim to be built by spirits. That's exactly what many say about the Winchester House in San Jose, California. Continue reading

Ghost Stories: It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Haunted

Being familiar with the many ghost stories of Savannah, I joked about finding a haunted hotel. My wife would have no part of this and even threatened to go home if I tried to book a room in a hotel rumored to have ghosts. Continue reading

Bobby Mackey’s Music World | A Tragic and Haunted History

Not many buildings can claim to have a portal to hell in the basement. Then again, not many buildings have a history filled with emotional pain, murder and Satanic rituals like the infamously haunted Bobby Mackey's Music World. Continue reading
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