Haunted World

Haunted Poveglia | Island Of The Dead

Poveglia Island is known as one of the most haunted places in Italy and quite possibly the world. The history of the Haunted island is sinister and disturbing, to say the least. Continue reading

The Real Castle Dracula

Dracula Castle in Romania is believed by many to be the real Castle Dracula, but although it is one of the oldest medieval buildings standing in Romainia..It is not linked with Vlad Tepes, (Vlad III the Impaler) who most consider the origin and inspiration for all Dracula tales. Continue reading

Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall is a country house in Norfolk, England. For over 300 years it has been the seat of the Townshend family. The hall gave its name to the area, known as The Raynhams, and is home to one of the most famous ghosts of all time, The Brown Lady Ghost. The Ghost Picture snapped at Raynham Hall has remained to some, as one of the most important ghost pictures in existence. Continue reading

Crowley Hall

Crowley Hall, in England has become a famed paranormal hot spot. It was built in the late 19th century. It was originally a hospital and remained so until the 1920’s, when it became a mental home for the criminally insane. Housing some of the most violent and dangerous people of it's time, Crowley Hall became a focal point for studies of mental illness and criminal behavior throughout England. Continue reading

Haunted Borley Rectory

Situated in Essex across the road from an ancient monastery that dates back to the 1300's, is "the most haunted house in England" - the Borley Rectory. Even though a mysterious fire destroyed the home in 1939, many ghosts are still reported at the site to this very day. Legend has it that the site itself has been host to a pair of very unlikely lovers. Continue reading
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