haunted mansion

Real Ghost Pictures: Ohare Mansion’s Pink Lady

This ghost picture was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at an alleged haunted mansion known as Ohare Mansion. After hearing rumors of paranormal activity at the mansion, two long time friends decided to explore the mansion in hopes of documenting some evidence of ghosts. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Haunted House Ghost Encounter

Two paranormal investigators decide to check out Ohare Mansion in Greencastle Indiana that was rumored as being Haunted. Continue reading

Haunted Disney World

Many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Disney World in our life. Personally, I remember how exciting it was as a kid to countdown the days, minutes and hours until our next trip. What I didn't know about the famous theme park may have curbed my excitement. Continue reading

Disney World Ghost Caught on Camera

Continue reading

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