Do Ghosts Exist?

Do Ghosts Exist? Chances are, you have asked yourself this question before, along with millions of other people. Whether or not Ghosts Exist, is an age old question that has yet to answered by modern science. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Sighting At Wedding In Newfoundland

A Ghost was spotted in photographs taken at a wedding in Newfoundland recently. The wedding was held in a very old wine cellar, that has a reputation for being haunted. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Mexico City Ghost Sighting

This Ghost Video was taken in Mexico City where a security guard had been killed. You can see that he appears to still be making his rounds. Continue reading

Haunted Railroad Tracks – San Antonio, Texas

Just outside San Antonio, Texas lies a railroad crossing that has been the center of haunted legends and local folklore for many years. The story of this railroad track begins tragically, with a horrible accident involving a school bus and a train. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Seeing is Believing – Ghosts Caught On Film

Is seeing believing? Continue reading

The Riddle House

The Riddle House was built in 1905 and is located in Yesteryear Village, Palm Beach County Florida. However, the village is not it's original location. Riddle House was originally built in palm beach, but after many years of neglect, the city planned to demolish the historic victorian home. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Scary Evp Mix | Ghost Adventures

This is a Video compilation with creepy evp recordings and other paranormal noises captured by the Ghost Adventures crew during investigations. Continue reading

Japanese Ghosts and The Afterlife

We have all seen the spine tingling ghost videos and blockbuster movies with the infamous "ghost girl" that send shivers down our spine. Movies such as "The Ring" and "The Grudge" found instant popularity in western culture. What many people do not know is that these movies were remakes of Japanese Ghost Movies and were based on actual tradition and accounts of Japanese Ghosts. Continue reading

Ghosts Still Linger At Salisbury’s Guildhall

Strange noises heard at Salisbury's Guildhall whilst restoration work is being carried out have encouraged stories that the building is haunted. Continue reading

Are Ghosts Using Cell Phones to Communicate?

A paranormal investigator in the United Kingdom has claimed that ghosts are reaching out to the living through cell phones Continue reading
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