Ghostly Image Captured by Demolition Crew

A demolition crew in Kendal, Crumbia snapped a photo just before demolishing an old Victorian Guesthouse (Meadowbank House). When the picture was developed, the crew was stunned to see what appears to be a ghostly woman staring out of a window in the Victorian home. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Horseman Filmed In Egypt

This creepy video shows what some have called a sign of the apocalypse, as a Ghostly "pale rider" appears during the Egyptian Riots this past year. Continue reading

Ghostly Shadow Caught Live On TV? | Real Ghost?

This Ghost Video has caused quite a stir recently on the internet and has raked in over 6m views. Continue reading

Dinner Party Ghost Pictures

This ghostly image was taken by a man attending a dinner party in Maurach, Austria. Captured in 1988, the friends sitting at the table could not identify the strange woman who seems to have invited herself to sit at their table. Continue reading
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