Ghost Videos: Is He Possessed?

This Ghost Video comes to us from Dorset Ghost Investigators, who have gained a rather large following on youtube, with their videos and investigations. This is from an investigation at Winchester Cathedral. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Horseman Filmed In Egypt

This creepy video shows what some have called a sign of the apocalypse, as a Ghostly "pale rider" appears during the Egyptian Riots this past year. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Sighting At Wedding In Newfoundland

A Ghost was spotted in photographs taken at a wedding in Newfoundland recently. The wedding was held in a very old wine cellar, that has a reputation for being haunted. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Mexico City Ghost Sighting

This Ghost Video was taken in Mexico City where a security guard had been killed. You can see that he appears to still be making his rounds. Continue reading

Sloss Furnace | A Haunted History

The industrial revolution brought success to Sloss Furnace and helped put the city of Birmingham on the map. It was during the early part of the century that Sloss Furnace began to earn it's reputation as one of the most Haunted places in the country. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Florida Theatre Ghost Video | Fact or Faked?

This is the disputed Florida Theatre Ghost Video as featured on Syfy's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". The video shows what many have claimed to be an apparition in the balcony of the historical theater in Florida. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: New Ghost Picture | Graveyard Ghost

This ghost picture was sent to us by a visitor by the name of Combat Gonny, with the following description. My girlfriend and I were practicing night shots in a cemetery when my girlfriend discovered Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Vision of Ghost or Angel Caught On Film?

This video shows what many say could be a ghost, angel or possibly even the Virgin Mary caught on film. Continue reading

Haunted Legends: Alcatraz

It was home to some of the most notorious gangsters of the prohibition era, the likes of George "Machine Gun" Kelley, Alvin "Creepy" Karpis, and Al Capone have all spent time on "The Rock", better known as Alcatraz. Everyone, from kidnappers, to murderers, have all called Alcatraz home at one point. Even though its been closed since 1963, Continue reading

Japanese Ghosts and The Afterlife

We have all seen the spine tingling ghost videos and blockbuster movies with the infamous "ghost girl" that send shivers down our spine. Movies such as "The Ring" and "The Grudge" found instant popularity in western culture. What many people do not know is that these movies were remakes of Japanese Ghost Movies and were based on actual tradition and accounts of Japanese Ghosts. Continue reading
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