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Ghost Nun Photographed?

A photographer in Galway, Ireland has captured what many are saying is a real ghost on film. The photographer, Jonathan Curran, was taking a number of photographs near an area that had always been reported as haunted by locals. Curran was hoping to capture a panoramic view of the area, and Continue reading

The White Lady Ghost Of Worstead Church

Taken in 1975, this ghost picture may show what is a very well known ghost in the area of the old Worstead Church, located in the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Ghostly Image Captured by Demolition Crew

A demolition crew in Kendal, Crumbia snapped a photo just before demolishing an old Victorian Guesthouse (Meadowbank House). When the picture was developed, the crew was stunned to see what appears to be a ghostly woman staring out of a window in the Victorian home. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Sighting At Wedding In Newfoundland

A Ghost was spotted in photographs taken at a wedding in Newfoundland recently. The wedding was held in a very old wine cellar, that has a reputation for being haunted. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Ghostly Co Pilot

This ghost picture shows a woman who was touring the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England with her friends. She had posed inside of the old helicopter, because it seemed like a good photo op. After developing the images from the trip, something strange seemed to emerge. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Priest Ghost

This is a famous picture of what some believe to be the ghost of a priest. Continue reading

Crumlin Road Prison | Coffin Ghost | Real Ghost?

Continue reading

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