ghost hunting

Man Builds Device To Communicate With Dead Daughter

Gary Galka made many attempts to reach out to his daughter, who had passed on. He lost his daughter eight years ago in a car crash and has since built more than thirty devices in hopes of hearing her voice, just one more time. Continue reading

Ghosts or Demons?

If you hunt ghosts long enough, you’ll eventually run into this situation: a client who believes his or her home is under demonic assault Continue reading

Real Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, and Quantum Physics

“For Love of Ghosts” Chaplain talks about real ghosts, ghost hunting, and the underlying quantum mechanics responsible for them.

One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife communication is that I know a lot about ghosts … what they… Continue reading

Ghost Hunting Tips

The wonderful thing about ghost hunting is that anyone can do it. Anyone brave enough to dabble in the world of the paranormal, that is. What separates a successful ghost hunter and an unsuccessful ghost hunter is attitude, determination and thoroughness, Here are a few tips that can hopefully help on your first ghost hunting adventure. Continue reading
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