ghost footage

Ghost Videos: Savannah Cemetery Ghost Video

This news story features a ghost video that was taken on the grounds of the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, GA. It shows what appears to be the ghost of a little boy chasing after a shadowy Continue reading

Is it Real? 1950’s Ghost Sighting In Cemetery

This Ghost Video is allegedly footage from the 1950's that was found by a family member. Continue reading

Creepy Hospital Ghost Footage | Real Ghost?

Interesting Ghost Footage captured inside of a Mexican Hospital. Poltergeist? Ghost? Continue reading

ABC News Ghost Footage | Real Ghost?

THis ABC News footage features what some believe is a ghost caught on cctv security cameras Continue reading

Ghost Caught on Tape! 100% Real Scary Footage

This footage was shot by a couple of amateur ghost hunters inside a home that had allegedly been the site of a murder in which a father had drowned his little girl. Continue reading

Dog Catches Ghost

Ghost footage caught by a man who set his camera up overnight to see what was getting his dog so upset during the night. What he caught was shocking. Continue reading

Michael Jackson Ghost Spotted On CNN

Footage now famous that was filmed shortly after the death of Michael Jackson at Neveland Ranch. Continue reading

Ghost In Warwick City Hall | Real Ghost?

This video was taken by a webcam that captured shots every three seconds. Can humans move this fast? Continue reading

Hayswood Hospital Ghost | Real Ghost?

This Ghost Video seems to show someone or something in the window of an abandoned hospital in Maysville, Kentucky Continue reading

Haunted Horseback

Interesting and creepy footage of what appears to be a ghost at a horseback riding school Continue reading
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