“White Bigfoot” Video Analysis

This video features footage that was allegedly obtained in the backyard of a Pennsylvania man, known Bobywade. The footage has manages to stump a few experts, while some others believe it is nothing more than another clever Bigfoot hoax. Continue reading

Fact Or Faked? The Grim Sleeper

The following video has become much more popular since being featured on SyFy's "Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files". The short footage was allegedly captured when the woman seen in the video, began to worry about mysterious bruises that would appear overnight. Continue reading

Woolly Mammoth Sighting In Siberia?

This video has gone somewhat viral and many are claiming that it shows a creature that is believed to have been extinct for over 4,000 years..The Woolly Mammoth. The footage is blurry, but does resemble the ancient creature. Continue reading

Real Angel? Jerusalem Angel Footage

This footage is the same as seen in the popular "Jerusalem UFO" videos from this past year. However, when cleaned up and slowed down, many have claimed that the footage shows a Real Angel, Continue reading

Princess Diana’s Ghost Caught On Film?

The Ghost of Princess Diana was allegedly caught on film recently and has made headline news in the United Kingdom. Paranormal investigator Michael Cohen is taking it seriously enough to investigate. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Horseman Filmed In Egypt

This creepy video shows what some have called a sign of the apocalypse, as a Ghostly "pale rider" appears during the Egyptian Riots this past year. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Valentown Museum Ghost

This video has become rather popular and was taken inside Valentown Museum located in Victor, NY. The museum is infamously haunted. The footage was captured by a surveillance camera and seems to show a ghostly apparition. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Ghost Hunters Best Evidence

A video compilation of some of Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S.) best evidence. Continue reading

Is It Real? Lake Erie UFO Footage

This mysterious footage has gained lots of attention since it's original capture on August 18th of 2006. The footage has been featured on a number of news and television shows, including "UFO Hunters". Continue reading

1931 Waverly Hills Government Video

This is government footage from the 1930's TB film that features Waverly Hills. This video was never intended to be creepy but considering what we know about Waverly Hills these days.. Continue reading
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