Ghost Pictures : The Girl In The Fire

Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England was burned to the ground in 1995. The event gained the attention of locals who gathered to watch the old building as it burned. One such spectator named Tony O'Rahilly, decided to take photos of the building as it burned. What was seen once developed has sent chills down the spines of many who have seen the picture above Continue reading

Fake Ghost Pictures | An Old Tradition

Living in the days of photoshop and other image editing software make things hard for those in search of real evidence of ghosts or the paranormal. Imagine living in a time when nothing as we know it existed. Imagine living in a time where computers or even basic technological advances were non existent. How easy would it have been to be fooled by someone claiming to have photographed a real ghost? Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Fake Ghost Picture

This ghost picture was taken in the late 1800's by a man named William Hope who became famous for taking photographs of the dead. He had discovered how to create a double exposure and used it to swindle families out of their money. Continue reading
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