Ghost Videos: Is He Possessed?

This Ghost Video comes to us from Dorset Ghost Investigators, who have gained a rather large following on youtube, with their videos and investigations. This is from an investigation at Winchester Cathedral. Continue reading

Ghost Box : What Is A Ghost Box?

Many of you have heard the term "Ghost Box" or seen the popular tool used on paranormal investigations on such shows as Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Box, also known as "Frank's Box", has become increasingly popular over the past few years as a tool to communicate with ghosts and spirits. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: The Dead Speak | EVP Collection

A great and creepy EVP collection captured during the investigations of the videos creator. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Scary Evp Mix | Ghost Adventures

This is a Video compilation with creepy evp recordings and other paranormal noises captured by the Ghost Adventures crew during investigations. Continue reading

Creepy EVP’s with Ghost Box

Very clear and creepy evp's with a Frank's box or "ghost box". Continue reading

Creepy Demon EVP “I Have The Body Of A Pig”

This creepy EVP was captured during a paranormal investigation along with the picture you see at the end. Continue reading

Little Girl Ghost EVP

Continue reading

Ghost Adventures | Voices at Waverly Hills

Continue reading

Ghost Hunters Amazing EVP Session

Continue reading

AA-EVP | EVP Stories

Continue reading

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