Ghost Pictures: Ghostly Co Pilot

This ghost picture shows a woman who was touring the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England with her friends. She had posed inside of the old helicopter, because it seemed like a good photo op. After developing the images from the trip, something strange seemed to emerge. Continue reading

Haunted Borley Rectory

Situated in Essex across the road from an ancient monastery that dates back to the 1300's, is "the most haunted house in England" - the Borley Rectory. Even though a mysterious fire destroyed the home in 1939, many ghosts are still reported at the site to this very day. Legend has it that the site itself has been host to a pair of very unlikely lovers. Continue reading

Sefton Church Ghost | Real Ghost?

This picture was taken in 1999 inside the Sefton Church located in England. The church itself is a very old structure, dating as far back as the 12th century. The photographer claimed that there was nobody else present at the time of the photograph. Continue reading

The Beast Of Dartmoor – Only A Legend?

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in south Devon, England that has become rather popular for strange creatures that are said to inhabit the 954 square mile area. Dartomoor is protected by National Park status and legend has it, that Satan himself sent beasts into Dartmoor. Continue reading
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