Demon Behind Sofa? Viral Ghost Picture

This picture has gone viral on social networking sites, and claims to show a Demon behind the sofa. The image is definitely creepy. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Is He Possessed?

This Ghost Video comes to us from Dorset Ghost Investigators, who have gained a rather large following on youtube, with their videos and investigations. This is from an investigation at Winchester Cathedral. Continue reading

Boy Attacked by Spirits | Real Ghost?

This is news footage that follows a little boy who is allegedly being tormented by demons or spirits. Continue reading

Real Demon Caught On Film

This video features a strange story about a photograph that is said to show a real demon. Continue reading

Creepy Demon EVP “I Have The Body Of A Pig”

This creepy EVP was captured during a paranormal investigation along with the picture you see at the end. Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: Ghost Or Demon

This picture is believed by some to be either a ghost or a demon. Continue reading

Jinn (Demons) Blamed For Girl’s Disappearance In Saudi Arabia

Jinn, also known as demons or "Genies" to some have been blamed for the disappearance of A Yemeni girl that has been missing for nearly a month in Saudi Arabia, a newspaper reported on Thursday. Continue reading

Demonic Possession | Is Demonic Possession Real?

On this page we will attempt to take a closer look at the phenomena of demonic possession. Demonic possession is a term that generally describes the act of taking control of or inhabiting the body of a human by demons (fallen angels) or even Satan himself. Continue reading
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