Ghost Videos: Savannah Cemetery Ghost Video

This news story features a ghost video that was taken on the grounds of the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, GA. It shows what appears to be the ghost of a little boy chasing after a shadowy Continue reading

Ghost Pictures: New Ghost Picture | Graveyard Ghost

This ghost picture was sent to us by a visitor by the name of Combat Gonny, with the following description. My girlfriend and I were practicing night shots in a cemetery when my girlfriend discovered Continue reading

Is it Real? 1950’s Ghost Sighting In Cemetery

This Ghost Video is allegedly footage from the 1950's that was found by a family member. Continue reading

Creepy Ghost Spotted In Mexican Cemetery

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

The story behind this ghost video: A village in Mexico reported hearing crying from their local cemetery at night. A man somehow associated with a Mexican reality… Continue reading

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