Hollywood Ghost Hunters – Female Apparition?

This Ghost Video was captured by Hollywood Ghost Hunters, while investigating at the reportedly haunted home located next to the scene of the infamous Manson Murders. Continue reading

Apparition of Virgin Mary Appears Over Africa

This video has caused quite a buzz on the internet as it appears to show the image of The Virgin Mary inside of the sun over Africa. The video was captured on April 20th 2011, in the Ivory Coast Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Vision of Ghost or Angel Caught On Film?

This video shows what many say could be a ghost, angel or possibly even the Virgin Mary caught on film. Continue reading

Child Ghost At Top Of Stairs | Real Ghost?

Video that seems to have caught an apparition of a small child at the top of the stairs. Continue reading

Statue Of The Virgin Mary Opens It’s Eyes

This video has been seen by thousands and seems to show a statue of the Virgin Mary opening her eyes. Is it a real miracle? Or a hoax? You decide. Continue reading
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