Mysterious Winged Being Filmed In Indonesia

Sometimes things can seem so fake..That they just may be real. The following footage shows what is being called a "winged being' by some and an extraterrestrial by others. Still others are saying that this footage has captured an image of the divine..A real angel. The footage was allegedly captured by security cameras in Continue reading

Real Angel? Jerusalem Angel Footage

This footage is the same as seen in the popular "Jerusalem UFO" videos from this past year. However, when cleaned up and slowed down, many have claimed that the footage shows a Real Angel, Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Vision of Ghost or Angel Caught On Film?

This video shows what many say could be a ghost, angel or possibly even the Virgin Mary caught on film. Continue reading

Father’s Love | A Ghost Story

It was a quiet night on highway 109. Debbie was reminiscing about the many nights that her husband had driven her down this road. It was the quickest way to his mother's house. They had spent many evenings there, enjoying the home cooking. Birthdays were the best. She glanced in the rear view mirror to look at her two boys. Continue reading

Real Guardian Angel Caught On Tape

Moments before a sick girl made a miraculous recovery, this light was seen outside of her hospital room. Was it a real angel? Continue reading
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