Mysterious Red “Alien” Rain Falls In India

It's been raining in India. However, this rain is unlike any rain you may be used to. Blood colored rain has been falling and so far experts have been stumped. Continue reading

Chinese Boy Born With Cat Eyes

Nong Youhui is a young Chinese boy, who lives in a southern China Village. At first glance, Nong seems like any other boy..Until he looks you in the eye. Unlike all other Asian children, Nong was born with piercing blue eyes. In addition to the blue pigment, he has baffled members of the medical community, with his apparent ability to see in total darkness. Continue reading

Video: Ancient UFO Paintings

This video shows many examples of ancient paintings that are belived to depict UFO’s. Many Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that these paintings serve as proof of Continue reading

Strange Nasa Recording

This is a video about a strange radio signal that NASA's Cassini space craft captured as it approached the planet Saturn in 2004. Some people believe that NASA actually recorded alien speech. Continue reading
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