Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel was built in the early 1900’s by Freelan Oscar Stanley, who was the inventor of the Stanley Steamer. The Stanley fortune allowed for the construction of this massive and beautiful hotel amidst the Colorado Rockies.

The hotel is best known for it’s supposed use in the movie “The Shining”, based on a Stephen King Novel. Although it served as a major inspiration to the King novel, the haunted hotel was not used during the filming of this movie. A stay in room #217 served as the original inspiration for King’s novel. Today, the famous hotel is a popular resort and a paranormal hot spot for ghost enthusiasts and paranormal investigators alike.

There have been numerous reports of Ghosts and haunted activity on the grounds of Stanley Hotel. Many people have reported seeing apparitions dressed in old style clothing throughout the hotel. Many people claim that the apparitions are that of Freelan Stanley and his wife. The Stanley’s have often been witnessed in the billiards room or the lobby. The sound of Mrs. Stanley’s piano playing has also been reported to echo through the hallways of the Stanley Hotel. The room in which Stephen King stayed, is one of the more haunted rooms at Stanley. A tragic accident in the 1950’s that left a housekeeper dead, is said to be the cause of unexplained phenomena inside of room 217. Countless people have reported phantom footsteps, disembodied voices and even being “attacked” by unseen forces. Room 418 is the said to be the most haunted room, Hotel guests and employees have reported the ghosts of children playing throughout the halls near the room. Guests have even complained about the noisy children to hotel staff, which had to inform them that there were no children in the hotel that night.

Blankets have been pulled off of sleeping visitors and some guests have reported clothes and hair being pulled. Even Stephen King is said to have saw (or heard) the ghost of a small child that has been calling for his nanny for nearly a century.  Many people have claimed to capture some of these ghosts and spirits on film.

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