Shanghai Tunnels

Beneath the city of Portland, Oregon lies a separate world of darkness known as the Shanghai Tunnels. These dark and seemingly endless tunnels once spanned nearly 9 miles beneath the city of Portland. This ghostly underworld once connected the basements of many hotels and bars to the waterfront of the Willamette River. They were frequently used from around 1870 until the 1940’s and were originally built to connect businesses downtown to the ships bringing supplies and merchandise. The Shanghai Tunnels are most famous for how they earned their name in the first place.

Kidnapping and Slavery

The Shanghai Tunnels earned their name because of the reported use of them to shanghai and kidnap innocent and unsuspecting people. The underground network of tunnels provided the perfect cover for these operations and a quick escape to the ships that awaited the newly captured slaves. Common men and women were kidnapped beaten and forced (or sold)  into slavery for as little as $50. Often they were held in makeshift prison cells within the tunnels while they awaited their gloomy fate. It is said that many men were murdered inside the tunnels as they fought for their lives.

Ghosts of Shanghai Tunnels

It should come as no surprise that the fear, pain, confusion and suffering experienced inside the tunnels would eventually make it home to what many believe are ghosts. Paranormal Activity has been regularly reported inside the Shanghai Tunnels. Disembodied voices, unexplained noises and even claims of a ghostly woman who roams these underground
passages. Much of the haunted activity seems to center around the dark,cramped cells that victims were once kept in. What must have ran through these frightened people’s minds as they sat chained in the dark and wondered what was happening? Reports of a woman whistling an old time tune have been common.  Some folks have tried to follow the
sound of the whistling tune, only to discover that nothing was there. Although they could have sworn that the whistle was only a few feet away at some times. Some attribute this whistle to a native American woman who is believed to have been captured and sold into the worst kind of slavery. She was supposedly held captive in one of the cells until she was whisked away, never to be seen again. Many people claim to have seen the ghost of Nina. Reports of the apparition of a woman have been commonplace inside The Shanghai Tunnels. Most describe the ghost as being solid, like anyone else would be. No ghostly mist or anything of thesort.. Most have believed that if they tried, they could just reach out and touch her. If you happen to be in the Portland area, there are ghost tours available that will lead you through the tunnels, as they remind you of their ominous history.  Maybe, if you are lucky, you just might catch a glimpse or hear the songs of the ghosts of Shanghai Tunnels.

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