Scary Pop Ups | Foiled Again

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OK lets face it. Most of us have ran into the ever so popular Scary Pop Ups while browsing the web. They are everywhere and the creators of Scary Pop Ups are getting more and more creative. I thought that I had seen them all. I was impervious to the Scary Pop Up. I could spot them a mile away..Usually.

While browsing the web for new and scary things for my websites, I ran into this video. Maybe it was just the present mood that I was in, or maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. Either way, this one got me. After I nearly spit out my soda and hurled my new Sony laptop in the floor. (while receiving confused stares from my family) I decided to share this one. It really was well done, as the key to good Scary Pop Ups is the element of surprise. The story sounded good. It didn’t immediately give itself away as just another one of the many Scary Pop Ups. Ok I’m just making excuses. Just watch and enjoy. You can watch more scary pop ups here Scary Pop Ups Or for the truly brave, you can always try the Scary Exorcist Maze

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