Scary Maze Game | Exorcist Maze

The Scary Maze Game!

Have You Played the Scary Maze Game? Play it Here at Mostly Ghosts! Test your skills and slight of hand as you work your way through each level of the scary maze. How far can you get? Not many folks have managed to make it past level four of this popular scary maze. Can you? After you have tried the scary maze yourself, be sure to get an unsuspecting friend to play too. The end result is usually priceless. Have fun and enjoy The Scary Maze Game!

The Exorcist Maze

The Scary Maze game is also known around the web as The Exorcist Maze because of the face seen in the game. That disturbing face belongs to none other than Linda Blair as she appeared in the movie The Exorcist. When you are done playing the Scary Exorcist Maze Game or scaring your friends, you can also check out our Scary Pop Ups page, for more fun.

Who Invented The Scary Maze Game?

As far as we can tell, all of the credit goes to Jeremy Winterrowd. You can visit the official homepage here. Official Scary Maze Game Page

Not For The Faint Of Heart

It is important to remember that the Scary Maze is not for everyone. It is very scary and should not be played by small children or anyone with a heart condition or any other health problem that may be sensitive to sudden loud noises or scary situations. Use good judgement when sharing The Scary Maze Game with others. Also, be sure to check out the other areas of our Scary Website for Scary Ghost Videos, Pictures Of Ghosts and more.

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