Gate Of The Gods | The Real Stargate?

Eight Hundred miles southeast of Lima, Peru is a place that has mystified visitors from around the world, for ages. For many generations, Shaman have come to perform rituals and pray at this mysterious rock wall known as Puerta De Hayu Marka, or “Gate Of The Gods”.

The Gate Of The Gods is a giant doorway, carved into solid stone and has existed for ages. The large rectangular doorway leads to nowhere, yet has been the center of rituals and stories for generations by locals. So what makes this mysterious doorway so interesting? Why have some even began to call this spot in the middle of nowhere “The Real Stargate”?

The first question for most is “Why would someone make a gateway or doorway to nowhere?” There must be some kind of way to get through this ancient doorway that has so much importance to the Inca culture..Right? Many claim that there is.

Inca legend states that the first priest, known as Amaru Meru, came to them from this doorway. It is said that he used a special object to activate the doorway. The object used by the priest was described as a golden disk that fell from the sky. The Inca legend further states that the priest placed the object into a recessed area within the door, transforming the solid door into what some would consider an inter-dimensional gateway. The priest entered the gateway, never to be seen again.

Even stranger, is that upon examination, archaeologists have found a small circular depression in the center of the doorway, that seems to add validity to the stories told by Inca legend. Was this the “keyhole” used by the priest to enter the gateway? The key itself, was used (according to legend) to communicate with the Gods. It is said that the person who held the disc, could go to the Gods, or the gods would come to them, through the doorway.

Was the disk, as many have speculated, a type of extraterrestrial technology that created a true Stargate? The doorway could have been only for show. A simple way for the ancient people to comprehend what would happen when using the device. Many say the device could have had the capability of producing a type of wormhole. Wormholes are believed by the scientific community to connect certain points of space and time, in what could best be described as a tunnel, thus making the distance between two points in our universe much shorter. This is what many Ancient Alien theorists believe the Stargate in Peru was used for.

The priest kings in those days were known to the Inca people as “Space Brothers” and many theorists have suggested that these priest kings came to the people through the Stargate, much like the first. But if all of this is true, could the object still exist today? Also, where exactly would the doorway have taken them? These are questions to ponder.

Archaeologists and theorists will continue to be fascinated with the strange and mysterious site known as Puerta De Hayu Marka, or “The Real Stargate” for many years to come. Although until the device mentioned in legend is found, or someone opens the gateway from the other side, Puerta De Hayu Marka will most likely remain a mystery. You can visit the links below or check out the video, (The episode of Ancient Aliens that featured this and other mysterious places on Earth) for more information on this mysterious place.

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Gate Of The Gods  Puerta De Hayu Marka

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