Real Proof Of Bigfoot?

Could it be? A group of scientists have recently proclaimed with 95% certainty that Bigfoot exists. At least his Siberian cousin does, according to the group that recently met in a town east of Moscow known as Tashtagol. Reported sightings and tales of the Yeti have been happening for ages in the Siberian Tundra. Recent discoveries seem to have finally yielded concrete evidence of the existence of the legendary creature.

The local Kemerovo government announced on Oct. 10, 2011 that an expedition the previous weekend to the region’s Azassky cave and Karatag peak collected “irrefutable evidence” of Yetis existence in the area. The evidence consists of a skull, hairs that are said to belong to the creature and footprints. The expedition also found what is believed to be a bed for the Bigfoot creature.

After the team of around a dozen scientists examined the evidence, they have proclaimed that the evidence is substantial enough to prove the existence of the mythical and mysterious Yeti.

All of this news is very exciting for Bigfoot enthusiasts, because if the Yeti is real, then the possibility of the North American and Himalayan version of the creature are much more likely. Many believe that the Yeti and the North American Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) are one in the same.

So is there finally proof of Bigfoot? ¬†Further analysis of the evidence collected should prove interesting. Would this discovery change the way the scientific community views Cryptozoology and other paranormal fields? Maybe those paranormal enthusiasts and crytozoologists aren’t such crackpots after all. Or maybe we will soon learn of yet another Bigfoot hoax that only serves to discredit the entire paranormal community. Only time will tell. You can learn more information on the alleged discovery below.

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