Real Ghost Pictures

Welcome to The Real Ghost Pictures pages at Mostly Ghosts. Here you will find some of the most bone chilling, strange and downright scary pictures of ghosts ever captured on film. Many claim that these images are real proof of ghosts, while others refuse to believe. Ghost pictures have been a common form of paranormal evidence for decades. Although some of the images that have claimed to show a ghost have been proven as hoaxes, there are still some that defy explanation and logic. Some of the pictures found here are famous while others haven’t quite made their way into the spotlight. We have tried to provide the very best and most convincing ghost pictures that we could find and will let you be the judge as to whether or not they are real. We have also tried to include as much background information as possible, to help with your decision.  Ghost pictures can be taken just about anywhere, so it seems. From the US, to Paris to Japan and back again, they just show up. We’ve seen many snapped at cheap hotels, farms of old and new, in closets, abandoned places and yards, even at gorgeous Paris hotels and lavish resorts are haunting quarters. Whether a seemingly sparkling hotel or a dilapidated dungeon of sorts, the paranormal will make their presence known. Be sure to bookmark our site, as we will always update our pages with new Pictures Of Ghosts for your enjoyment. You can also send us your own images, along with description for publication on our website by using the link at the bottom of this page. 

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