Real Demons | Are Demons Real?

Demons or Jinn appear in practically every culture and religion worldwide. Tales of demons date back to the beginning of recorded history and thousands of people worldwide still fear demons and the evil associated with them.

Demons are entities that are said to plague humanity with evil and are active soldiers in the war for the souls of mankind. In Christianity, demons are believed to be 1/3 of the angels that were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer. Unlike their angelic counterparts, most believe that demons despise humanity and exist only to cause suffering and despair.

Are Demons Real?

The answer depends on who you ask. Many people have reported being attacked by demons or experiencing what is known as demonic possession, in which a demon is believed to “take over” and control a human body. Tales of possession have been told for centuries. Although mental conditions have been blamed for many of those cases, many are still unexplained. Extraordinary phenomena has been reported during cases of demonic possession. Some even believe that the highly religious and spiritual are plagued by demons as they become closer to God. Learn more about demonic possession

Types of Demons

Demons are usually classified into two categories, known as Incubus and Succubus. Many have been reported to have been attacked by these types of demons throughout history. Extraordinary people throughout history have even been accused of being the child of demons. Merlin the magician a prime example.So what are the different types of demons?

Incubus Demons

The Incubus Demon is believed to be a male demon that preys upon women during the night while they sleep. The Incubus demon is believed to seek out women in an attempt to impregnate those women with “demon children”. These demons are said to cause sickness and even death and are believed to drain the life from it’s female victims. Incubus demons and their descriptions bear a striking resemblance to the vampire tales that inspired such stories as Dracula. Embarrassing situations such as unwed pregnancies were blamed on Incubus demons in the past, when things like that were not tolerated or accepted.

Succubus Demons

The seductive and evil Succubus demon is the female counterpart to an Incubus. They are said to appear to men during their dreams and seduce them. The succubus is said to drain men of precious life forces during their seduction. Throughout history it has been widely believed that a male victim of a Succubus is often drained to the point of exhaustion and or death..

Regardless of the type, demons will remain as one of the most frightening and disturbing entities in religion and folklore.

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