Real Angel Picture? Sullivan Angel Picture

This picture was taken from an old reel of film that an architect by the name of Danny Sullivan, paid just 15.00 for in a small British junk shop. In the dusty old trunk was a photo of an Angel and some letters. The film itself, appears to show Angels forming a crucifix type shape in mid-air. The letters had belonged to a WWI soldier named William Doidge. They were dated 1951, and revealed that William met an American WWII veteran who wrote to him saying that he had seen the appearance of an Angel before an accident that killed some of his fellow soldiers while training for D- Day landings.

The soldier, who signed himself as “Doug” in a letter to Doidge, told how his unit had been training in Woodchester Park, in Gloucestershire in the spring of 1944. He described how a pontoon bridge had collapsed under the weight of armoured vehicles killing more than twenty soldiers.Doug wrote that in the eve of the disaster, he and a friend named Chuck had seen an Angel hover above where the men would later drown. He wrote: "The whole thing took on the shape of what I can only describe as an Angel. I could see what looked like a long white robe. It had no feet and there were shapes like wings behind its shoulders. Chuck, the friend who witnessed the apparition along with Doug, died on Omaha Beach and took his version of the story with him. But Doug’s letter was enough for Doidge to go camera in hand in search of the Angel. It appears by what he captured on film and photograph, that he was successful.No one knows what happened to Doidge. But the letters he received, the film, photograph and other personal belongings somehow ended up in an old trunk at a junk shop in England, until Danny Sullivan discovered it. Danny played the film. He said: “The cruciform shapes made by a number of Angels are quite clear in the film that Doidge shot.”

Source for above info this man capture a real angel on film. Was this a form of divine intervention? A ghost? Or something else? Either way, the film and pictures have been both fascinating and inspiring for many.What is actually on the film, will be left to you to decide.

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