Queen Mary Ghost Ship

During the years of 1936 to 1967, The Queen Mary made quite a name for herself as both a transport ship during WWII and a luxury liner. It wasn’t until she became docked forever, at Long Beach California that her real fame began to materialize. The Queen Mary has managed to become known to many as one of the most haunted ships in the world.

Ghosts of the Queen Mary

Countless paranormal experiences have occurred on board the Queen Mary, which is now a popular hotel and museum. Nearly 50 deaths have occurred over the years on the ship, which many believe contributes to the ghostly activity on this famous ship. Screams, taps and banging on the walls of the ship have topped the list of experiences on the Queen Mary.

One scream that tends to give the visitors of the ship a tingle up their spine is often heard coming from the front hull of the former luxury liner. These disembodied sounds are said to belong to a sailor that was crushed when the Queen Mary accidentally smashed into another ship, many years ago. The pool area of the ship has a fame of it’s own, with the ghost of a little girl that has been reported to roam the area. Splashes and sounds of water have often been heard coming from the pool area. This would normally be nothing out of the ordinary, but this particular pool has been drained for many years now. The little girl who inhabits the pool area is said to be the ghost of a young girl who died in a tragic accident while on board, resulting in a broken neck. She is said to wander the pool area, looking for her mother, which she has never found. A great video on the ghosts of The Queen Mary can be found below.

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