The Strange Case Of The Polaroid Ghost Writer

We all know about evp’s, ghost boxes and other ways that the living have attempted to speak to the dead. Although, one of the strangest cases of ghosts and spirit communication would have to be the Polaroid Ghost Writing case from Los Angeles, CA.

In 1985, John Matkowsky had found the perfect home in Los Angeles and settled in. It wasn’t long until John started to sense that he may not be alone in his new home. He would hear strange noises and often feel a mysterious presence in the home with him. Having heard stories about alleged pictures taken of ghosts, John decided to use his friends new polaroid camera to try and get a picture of his suspected ghost. What happened when he began snapping photos would still be discussed and debated even today.

Although the first images seemed to capture strange shapes and anomalies, they were nothing compared to what would happen next. Matkowsky decided to ask his ghostly house guest a question before taking his next photo. He asked, “Are you here?”, then snapped the photo. At first the photo just looked like a another fuzzy image. Then John noticed that there seemed to be more to his photo than he originally thought. Chills ran down his spine. Right on the photo, was the word “Yes”. It was almost as if ghostly fingers had scratched the message onto the polaroid for John to see. Spooky to say the least.

Excited and confused by what he had discovered, John began asking more questions and snapping more photos. There was almost always a response from the ghost writer. He quickly learned the name of his spirit friend. The name was “Wright”. John soon learned more about his ghostly friend when he asked Wright “Who are you?”. The answer was unexpected. Wright had etched onto that particular Polaroid, something disturbing. “ Et alia corpus delicti” or “Murder Victim” could be seen on the photo. John checked but there had never been any reported murder cases in or around his home, which left him baffled.

Word started to spread about the creepy “ghost writer’ in the home of John Matkowsky and soon there were visitors. People wanted to see it for themselves and Wright almost never disappointed. Making things harder for skeptics to explain, folks began to bring their own cameras and film for John to use. The spooky messages still appeared.

John’s Ghost Writer was featured on a Fox television series called ‘Sightings”, in which they tested the paranormal claims of John. And as always, Wright didn’t disappoint. Although this time seemed different. Wright seemed rather shy and in his only message wrote “All this is over now”. It would be Wright’s last message.

However, the legacy of the Polaroid Ghost Writer lives on and is still discussed by both skeptics and believers in the famous case even today. Below is a video of John demonstrating his Polaroid Ghost messages and a  link with more information regarding the case.. Do you believe?

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Polaroids Of The Dead

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