Playground Poltergeist – Haunted Swing In Argentina

You may have heard of this haunted swing in Firmat, Argentina, otherwise known as the “Playground Poltergeist”. There is a swing on a playground in Argentina that locals claim is haunted. The people there have good reason to believe that there is something supernatural going on, because this swing has been mysteriously swinging all by itself for over five years.

Even more strange is the fact that only the middle swing seems to have a mind of it’s own. There are countless witnesses and video documenting the strange phenomenon. The swing clearly moves by itself. Even when purposely stopped by witnesses, it seems to gain energy from unseen forces and begin to swing again.

The legend behind the haunted swing is that a small child died near the spot of this swing, when it was merely a construction site. The child’s ghost has found happiness in that swing and apparently plans to swing forever.

The playground poltergeist has stumped investigators and scientists alike, as they tried to debunk the haunted swing. Some who claimed hoax, were quickly silenced when it became clear that anyone who visited could see the swing moving with their own eyes. There were no strings. There were no CGI effects. It was not an optical illusion. Just a creepy swing..That moved by itself.

Some have claimed that wind is the cause for the ghostly activity at the swing in Argentina, because the middle swing has a slightly wider seat, which provides a larger surface to catch wind force. However, when the latest investigators from the “Fact or Faked Paranormal Files” team investigated, it took a huge dome to cut off wind forces and then powerful fans aimed at specific angles to recreate the effect. Although the team settled on wind as the culprit, some folks have a hard time buying that explanation.

Is it possible that a specific wind speed at a specific angle has been choosing to blow this swing wildly for over five years? It is possible. But what about that local legend involving the child spirit?  And what about those footprints at :30 in the video? That’s right check again. But no’s only the wind.

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